Monday, December 30, 2013

Hey Fam!!!

It was so great to see you and talk to you on Christmas!!!!  I loved it sososososo much!  You all look so great and so happy!  I miss hugs from you!  But it's all good.  I got a lot of work to do in the limited amount of time left! So this week was a little slow because of Christmas.  But it was good.  It's kinda hard to think about this week, because I just talked to you last week!  Still can't believe that!  But we have transfers next week.  I hope I don't go!  I wanna finish teaching Melissa up till she gets baptized!  We'll see what happens.  You never really know with transfers!  AH!  But we have appointments this week and planning out Melissa's baptism for the end of the month!  Not sure if we are doing anything for New Years as a zone.  Or if we even have to be in earlier.  They haven't told us yet.  But some cute families have invited us over for that night.  I'm sorry this is so short.  But I love you!  I am so grateful for families!  I love seeing families come to church together and I love teaching families.  And that is what the gospel of Jesus Christ helps and blesses us as families!  I am so grateful that we have the priesthood power upon the earth today.  That we have beautiful and glorious temples built throughout the world.  And that we have those temples so that families can be sealed, bound, connected together.  Not just for our life on earth.  But together after we die!  I love that!  I am so grateful for that!  I love my Savior.  I know He lives!

I love this video!  Good one for Starting off a new year!  Something we did in the South mission was VGP.  Vision, Goal, Plan.  This helps me to plan out what I visualize and what I want to happen.  Goals to make that vision possible.  And then plans to reach that goal and how to measure my progress.  It's really hard to get into the swing of it.  But it's really good!  Try it!  Love you!

Sister Marlow 

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