Monday, December 16, 2013

Hey my fam!

It was a pretty slow week this week.  Until we got to the weekend.  We have some pretty awesome stake leadership here in this stake!  We told them that we've been struggling to have lessons this week because people have been cancelling on us like crazy!  So they got us some more lessons and some of the ward mission leaders pulled through for this week and got us lessons!  It's still super cold!  And this week we went to a couple of ward Christmas parties, so that was a lot of fun.  And so the best part of this week was yesterday!  Melissa came to church!  It was so great!  And then after church we met with another investigator and he wants to be baptized, but won't set a specific date.  He said probably February!  That's awesome!  He just doesn't want to be pushed.  People have been pushing him for a while to get baptized.  But now, he decided!  But he doesn't want anyone to know.  So I'm not gonna tell you his name!  But it's exciting!  And then we had our lesson with Melissa!  She is so amazing.  She told us at church that she's gotten down to only drinking one cup of coffee a day and that she still feels good.  And she feels like that's a sign that she's on the right path!  She is so humble and has so much faith!  I know I am so blessed to have this opportunity to teach her!  She is an amazing woman.  She has her PhD in finances/accounting!  She is so intelligent!  So focusing more on our feelings and faith is a big thing for her.  She said that even 5 years ago she would have told missionaries, no.  But she's ready!  She's the elect!!!!!  So please, please pray for her!!!!  Pray for her by name!  Melissa Lewis, and that she'll be able to give up coffee!  She is so excited to be baptized!!!!!!  I love it!  The Lord is so amazing!  He knows who is ready!  MIRALCES!!!!
AH!  The song, "I'll be Home for Christmas" sung by the Carpenters just came on!!!!  I miss you all so so much!!!!  I'll be home for christmas, if only in my dreams!!!!

Oh, and I ate dinner with the Andersons!!!  And the Williams!!!  It was so much fun!  I love being in a mission close to family!  And we had a Christmas party as a mission and everyone got to come!!!  I got to see all my fam that's serving in Park City and Wyoming!!!!  I miss them so much!  I walked in, and there were the Jermans!  So happy to see them!  And all my beautiful companions that I've had!  Miss you sisters!  Well, family.  The church is true!  Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer.  He was born, and lives today!  Love you all!  Have a great week!!!

Sister Marlow

watch this cute video about the spirit of christmas!  

This link above has a lot of christmas media and things to watch!

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