Tuesday, March 25, 2014

This week was good.  Did more exchanges which was fun.  Sister Quiles came with me to my area on Wednesday!  it was so much fun to hang around with her again!  I miss that girl!  But the cool thing that happened this week!  We went to visit Wayne and he wants to be baptized!!!!  We didn't even ask him.  When we went to visit him, he just said, I want to be baptized!  What an amazing miracle from God!  He is really looking forward to being baptized!  So we are planning things for this weekend.
So it's getting down to the end of serving here full time as a missionary in utah.  It has been the best experience of my life.  And worth leaving the comforts of home and things that I thought were important and necessary, when I've learned that things like that don't matter.  What matters it what you think of yourself and what God thinks of you.  Nothing else matters.

Video to help us to remember to come unto Christ.  Because He can help us with ANYTHING we are going through.  We just remember to come unto Him.


Sister Marlow

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