Monday, March 10, 2014

Hey Fam!

We had an amazing day today!  We got to go to the Salt Lake City temple!  It was so great!  I loved being there and seeing all of my old companions!  Best thing ever!  And we had a really great week!  We visited and taught so many less actives!  It was awesome!  I love visiting less actives!  We did have a really cool experience with Wayne.  We were teaching him and he told us that he didn't want to get baptized until he read the whole Book of Mormon.  We told him that he doesn't have to read the whole book to know that it is true.  We asked him if he believed in God, and believed that God knows everything, that the Lord will tell him the Book of Mormon is true.  He then prayed right there and asked.  The Spirit was so strong.  After the prayer we asked him how he felt.  He said that he felt exhilarted!  And for an 80 year old man, only the Spirit can make you feel that way!  And then we invited him to be baptized.  He said yes to March 8th.  We were so excited and so happy that he would agree to make that promise with the Lord and be baptized!  This was truly a miracle.  But on Friday the district leader went to do his baptismal interview and Wayne said he didn't want to be baptized.  We went to talk to him and he again said that he didn't want to be baptized.  And he didn't want to meet with us anymore.  He was saying that his health couldn't do it.  But we reassured him that he could.  He still said no.  It was really sad and depressing.  But he makes his own choices.  We can't make him be baptized.  We can only invite.  In the Lord's time, he'll get baptized.  We also gave talks yesterday.  It was good.  

Watch this Mormon message about things that matter most!  It's awesome.  I was thinking about how life can be so full of just stuff.  And we look past the things that are awesome and we don't enjoy what's in front of us.  We have to find joy in our journey.  And know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are always there to help us up in our journey.  We must just look to them for help instead of carrying it all ourselves.  Love you lots!  Have a great week!

Sister Marlow

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