Friday, November 22, 2013

Hey Family,

How are you all this week?  We had a pretty good week.  It's starting to get colder!  But good thing we are well equipped with warm stuff.  But it's still hard going around in a skirt when it so cold!  But that's the life of a sister missionary!  We struggled to find new investigators this week.  But we did meet some friendly people that weren't interested, but we were able to share the restored gospel with them.  Sister Kiser and I taught this man.  He's Catholic and has talked with missionaries before.  He pretty much wanted to bash with us.  But we just calmly taught him about how Jesus Christ's church was restored upon the Earth.  And so was that priesthood power.  That this is Christ's original church restored today.  And that we have a prophet that receives revelation from God.  And that we ourselves can receive personal revelation from Heavenly Father.  He couldn't believe that!  It was so sad!  I would be so lost if I couldn't receive revelation from Heavenly Father.  That's a way that He shows His love.  We talk to Him through prayer and He answers us through the Holy Ghost.  Sister Kiser is awesome!  She kept asking him questions and he was running himself up against the wall with his responses.  But it ended well.  We are really trying to work more closely with the leadership in the wards.  Things are going well, but they could be better.  I'm so glad that we get to be companions!  We have had a great transfer together!  I hope we get to spend next transfer together as well.  She reminds me so much of my sisters!  We laugh all the time.  And then there are times when we shouldn't be laughing and we have to hold it in.  Just like this day this last week.  We had a lesson with an investigator.  He's in his 70s.  We were teaching him about the Fall of Adam and Eve.  We had him read a scripture and then he asked a question and we told him to keep reading.  And then he started over reading the scripture.  And we didn't correct him.  But he kept reading the same scripture over and over.  And we couldn't help but laugh.  We were trying so hard to not laugh out loud.  I kept wheezing and that made Sister Kiser laugh more.  And then she asked me to read the rest of the scripture and I could barely read it and I would play it off and cough.  And the tone of my voice was going up and down as I was trying to read the scripture and keep from laughing.  It was a good lesson though.  We realized that he hasn't been taught the doctrine at all.  I think in the past he would just ask missionaries really hard questions and they would teach based on that.  And we just started teaching him the doctrine.  We hope that will help him to build a testimony on his own.  That's the reason why he won't get baptized.  Well, it's been a great week!  Transfers are next week.  This transfer has FLOWN BY!  I can't believe it!  I hope Sister Kiser and I get to stay together as companions.  At least for Thanksgiving and Christmas!  That would be awesome.  But it's in the Lord's hands.  I know that Jesus Christ LIVES!  That Heavenly Father loves us and He sincerely answers prayers.  And that we must act on those answers.  Even if it is hard.  We don't know what the Lord wants us to learn.  We just have to trust in Him.

Sister Marlow

I love the example of Esther!  Watch this video about her and courage! 

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