Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hey Family!!!

So transfers went AH-MAZING!!!!!!  Guess who my companion is?  Just guess........  It's SISTER KISER!!!!!!  Holy cow, what a blessing!!!!  We were so excited to find that we are companions.  And it's so fun to be able to tell people that we are both from the same stake!  And we already know each other a little bit, so it's not awkward or anything like that.  And she's on it!  She's such an awesome missionary and a hard worker.  She's know the area so well, and she's got it!  I love it!  She is amazing.  I am so blessed to be her companion.  And this stake is awesome too!!!  They are all about some missionary work here!  They get us lessons with active members.  And then they will come with us when we go and contact referrals!  It's amazing!  I've never had an area that the members are so involved in the missionary work.  It's the best.  And guess what?  We had about 22 lessons this week!  That includes lessons with non members, less active and recent converts and active members!  I've never hit that ever in my mission.  I guess we Carolina girls know how to get it done!  I will say, it's been a little hard to get used to going back to full proselyting.  But it's been good.  Sunday was a full and busy day.  I love it.  We actually have appointments!  Sister Kiser and I have so much fun together.  We laugh and laugh about stuff all the time!  So the other day we went with the Bishop to go visit a less active family.  And it was dark, so you couldn't see very well.  And I tripped on the sidewalk leading up to the house.  I was about to catch myself, but I was already down and fell.  It was hilarious.  I got bruises.  But ya know, I'm pretty clumsy.  We were laughing so hard later after the visit.  And then we tried to get the elderly man, who is a member to come with us to visit his neighbors and introduce us. And he wouldn't come.  We thought he was teasing us, but he wasn't!!!!  And we go to visit his neighbor, and this man barely opened the door and it was dark inside.  We said hi, and then he said something in broken english and was going to shut the door.  Sister Kiser, said, wait, time-out!  And the man shut the door and walked away.  So funny!  Poor man, he wouldn't even let us talk to him!  Oh, well.  We did have an amazing experience singing together for this lady named Pam.  Her health isn't good, so she isn't always able to come to church.  We shared a message and sang hymns to her.  Then Sister Kiser said she knew the alto to "Walk Tall, You're a Daughter".  So we sang that and it was gorgeous!  Our voices sound so good together!  And you could feel the Spirit there.  I know that hymns can teach us and we can feel the Spirit.  I am grateful that the Lord has blessed me with the talent of music, so that I can share it with others.  I love it!  I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God.  And that the priesthood power is real.  And that without it we wouldn't be able to receive the ordinances that we need for our salvation.  I am so grateful the Lord gave me this opportunity to serve him here, now, and with Sister Kiser!  I'm so excited for this transfer.  Love you all!!!

Sister Marlow
Alma 17:2-3  Do this, it helps with missionary work!!!!

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