Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How's it going!?!?

We had such an awesome week!!!!  Our numbers may not show how awesome our week was, but it was pretty awesome to us!  First our Zone leaders came up to our district meeting.  Later when we were working at the Tree I gave Elder Hipp (ZL) and Elder Simon (who's in our district) a tour at the Family Tree.  And they gave me a lot of help on what I could incorporate into a tour.  Like Preach My Gospel principles, Joseph Smith's First Vision and inviting someone to be baptized.  Elder Hipp asked if I had done it before at the Tree.  And I said no.  He asked why not?  I had no idea.  But he demonstrated how I could using the resources in the Family Tree.  And it was way cool.  I never thought how the Family Tree Visitors' Center is also proselyting.  And my attitude completely changed.  Since then I've been inviting people to be baptized.  One when we've been chatting online at mormon.org and the other teaching Robert over the phone.  I love working at the Tree!  It is so fun to be able to talk to people that come in, do family history, and then teach people on the phone or online!  I feel so blessed to be able to teach the gospel by the Spirit in so many different ways!  I told the Elders later and they were so exciting saying "That is so legit!"  Something they commonly say!  ;)  

We had the most amazing experience at the Tree.  We've been starting to teach Robert over the phone at the Tree.  He is from Washington state.  It has been one of the most spiritual experiences ever.  As we are teaching him I can feel the Spirit so strong.  We've mostly been talking about the Book of Mormon and reading it together.  I've invited him to be baptized twice now.  The first time he didn't understand why he needed to be baptized again, but I taught him about the restoration of the priesthood and the need for authority.  The last lesson we had the Spirit directed me to read with him the last two paragraphs of the introduction to the Book of Mormon.  We read this after I invited him again to be baptized.  And after we read it I asked him if he wants to learn more.  Then I asked if he wants to know if the Book of Mormon is true.  He said yes to both.  Then I asked him when he comes to know if it is true, if he will be baptized.  HE SAID YES!!!!  So he said he is going to continue to read and pray.  We prayed with him over the phone before we hung up.  It was the most amazing feeling ever!  I know that by being here in the Tree I was able to help teach him the gospel.  And I wouldn't have had that opportunity if I wasn't a visitors' center missionary.  I feel so blessed and I know now, why the Lord sent me here!  Being a missionary is the BEST!!!!  I know that I was sent to this visitors' center to be able to teach him.  He's the guy that randomly called the Family Tree to asked where Moroni's promise in the Book of Mormon was.  That if you ask with real intent that the Lord will let you know by the power of the Holy Ghost that the Book of Mormon is true!  It was not a coincidence that I answered the phone and now I get to teach him.  We'll work on seeing if he is ready to meet with missionaries in person and prepare for baptism!  I love being a missionary!  It is the best!  Everyone needs to go on a mission.  Even though there are the hard times, the most amazing and joyful times totally overcome all the hard and disappointing times!
We also had a cool experience.  We went to go see a recent convert.  He wasn't home, so we knocked on his neighbor's doors.  It was in an apartment complex.  We started talking to this guy, Roberto, but he spoke very little English and said that he didn't want to complicate things with his family by learning about religion.  But this other guy passed us by and went to his house.  We started leaving the complex, and I just felt this feeling to wait a second.  So I did and Sister Willis was walking away.  This guy, David came out of his apartment.  He was the guy that passed us.  He asked if we were from the LDS church.  Yep, that's us!  He said he wanted to tell us something.  We were like, sure.  He has been inactive for a long time.  He's been an alcoholic for three years and wants to come back to church.  And he knows that we can help him to do that.  Isn't that just awesome!  I love how we are able to help people.  And the Lord puts us in the path of His children that need us at that moment.

Things are going well here in Park City.  We have so many potentials that we hope to start teaching consistently and help them to prepare for baptism.  It is still snowing on and off.  I think summer doesn't come until June or July?  We went as a district last week to the Olympic Park Museum, from the 2002 Winter Olympics.  We also went to the Shoe Tree!  We had a lot of fun.  I'll send you the pictures.  Oh, and my companion Sister Willis is so awesome!  Just thought I'd let you know!  :)  That's so cool that Sister Mouritsen is serving in Statesville!  I told her that the Charlotte, NC mission is the best!  With second to UT SLC South mission!  ;)  Remember to OYM (Open Your Mouth) and talk about the gospel to people!  They need to hear it!

Love you tons and tons!

Sister Marlow

I love these ones!
Alma 6:6
D&C 33:6-9 

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