Thursday, February 6, 2014

Whoa Baby!
So this week has had so many UPS and downs....  Firstly, I got sick Wednesday night.  I was feeling bad that day, but I kept going because I was on exchanges with Sister Mann.  I had her come to my area to work because she is in a language program in her area which is Nepali (They teach the people from Nepal!  They have a branch here in Salt Lake!!!  So cool!!), and she's never experienced an English area.  But it was good.  She is from Georgia, and she's way cute and a really awesome missionary.  She taught me some words in Nepali.  But after we switched back, I started running a fever.  And it was high too.  I lost my thermometer, so I don't know exactly what it was, but it was high.  So then I went to bed.  And woke up even worse.  Later that morning, Sister Quiles called the Elders to have them come and give me a blessing!  Aren't priesthood blessings amazing!  It gave me a lot of comfort.  Especially about some things that I have been worried about.  Then I went back to bed.  We went out to work later that night.  We had a lesson with Francisco and his parents.  Francisco is a former investigator.  His family is Seventh Day Adventist.  We talked about some principles and doctrines of the gospel.  And read parts of the Bible.  The Dad was trying to make things contentious.  But Sister Quiles and I were very calm.  I guess it was because the Dad only spoke Spanish, and so Sister Quiles was translating for me.  But it ended up good.  Sister Quiles bore her testimony and testified that we were representatives of Jesus Christ here to help people come closer to Him.  The Spirit was so strong!  I was like, yeah!  That's my companion!  So proud of her!  She's doing so great.  She has made so much progress.  I hope we get to stay together next transfer.  We are really going up and down with the work here, trying to figure out what to do and how to do it.  But we are learning and we are going to make a plan and set some goals.  It's gonna be great!  Oh, hey we had a baptism this weekend in Cottonwood Heights!  It was ABE!!!  There were 8 sister missionaries that were here since he began investigating the church!  Isn't that awesome!  He finally got baptized!!!  It was so cool to see him go into the water and be baptized by someone holding that priesthood authority of God!!  Oh, and I wasn't able to get a picture.  Sister Eberhardt took one and said she would post it on Facebook on the mission page!  So look it up there!  

Scripture to look up!!! Mosiah 5:15!!!!

Have a great week!

Sister Marlow

Oh and thanks Taylor fams for sending me the package and notes!!!  I absolutely loved it!!!!

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