Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hey Fam!!!

This week has been a good one.  As you know, we had transfers.  And I got my new companion, Sister Carlson.  She is from New York.  About 30 minutes from the city.  She is way cute and loves being here and doing missionary work.  And she's WAY chill.  So that's really nice!  Our week was a good one!  We picked up a new investigator!  His name is Wayne.  He lives in a rest home.  He is in his 80s and has parkinsons.  We first met him on Wednesday.  He didn't say yes to baptism, but said he wanted to learn more.  We've gone to see him everyday this week and read the Book of Mormon with him and teach him.  He still hasn't said yes to baptism, but that's okay.  All in the Lord's time.  But something that was way cool!  We went to go visit him and he sat up, grabbed his Book of Mormon and began to read from it.  He didn't shake at all!  We read 2 Nephi 31 with him.  And he didn't shake!  Most of the time he is laying down on his bed and shaking because of the parkinsons.  But he was holding the Book of Mormon and wasn't shaking!!!!!  That's just a testimony to how powerful that book is!  The word of God is contained in it!!!!  Wayne also came to church yesterday!  They have a little branch at the rest home.  It's only about a 30 minute service where they sing hymns, have the sacrament and someone from one of the other wards comes and gives a short talk.  It was really great!  We are getting really busy with teaching in church!  So many people want us to help teach their classes and Family Home Evenings!  It's so great!  I love being part of the ward and actually getting to know the members!  
Something else way cool!  The Excells came to visit me!  We went out to lunch!  I love them!  They are so awesome!  :)
The weather here is amazing!  I love it!  Too bad you all have that nasty snow, that should probably be here....  But it's fine, we can trade for this winter.  

This link above is the video where Jesus Christ is tried by Caiaphas and Peter denies Jesus Christ.  This is what I read in my personal study today in Matthew.  Not only about these men that were horrible to the Savior.  But Peter denied Christ.  Sometimes I think we are a little hard on Peter.  Yes, he was an apostle of Jesus Christ.  Yes, he was by him all the time and with him when he taught the people.  Yes, Peter said he would not deny Christ.  But he did.  And then his reaction.  In the verse, it says that he wept bitterly.  There are times that we deny Christ.  Maybe not directly Him, but His commandments, His people, His blessings.  Even His Atonement.  It is our sins that keep us back.  And when we finally recognize what we have been doing, we weep bitterly as well.  We see that we are hurting not only ourselves, but others as well.  He is sad when we deny Him.  BUT, you know that Peter would never deny Christ after that experience.  And so it is with us.  When we repent, and forgive ourselves and other and seek that forgiveness from the Lord.  We come to know Jesus Christ even more.  We feel His atoning love and sacrifice for us.  And we never want to deny Him again.  Because we have come to know Him as our brother.  I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and my Redeemer.  He is my brother.  And I love Him so much.  Have a great week!

Sister Marlow

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