Monday, February 17, 2014

Hey Family,

This week, was a week.  I'm sorry, as things get further and further along, I don't really have too much to say.  I'm still alive and so is my companion.  We are trying to find people to teach, daily thing.  One of the cool things I guess is that we met this less active lady, Christina.  She is in her late 50s and has been through a lot of things that have kept her from coming to church.  But she said that she really wants to come back to church.  And we encouraged her to do it!  We read Luke 15 and encouraged her to come back and that she can through the Savior.  She said she was coming to church on Sunday.  But she wasn't sure that her husband would come too.  But then when church started, she was there!  And her husband came too!!!!  It was so great to see them at church!  And we had two investigators come to church as well!!!  Yeah!!!  Church is the best!  Ever!  

Hey!  Check out this cool video about a modern day prodigal son!  It's so good!!!

Sorry this isn't very long.  Don't know much to write anymore.  Just loving being a missionary.  Oh, yeah and they changed my release date, and I'm never coming home.  Just thought you oughta know!!!!  lol.  Love you!

Sister Marlow

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