Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hey Fam!
So, can you guess where I'm at?????  You'll never guess.  Park City?  Wyoming?  Kamas?  Nope!  I'm in South Salt Lake!  I'm white washing (which means that neither I nor my comp were in the area the previous transfer.), 2nd transfer training, and sister training leader.  And I now get to drive a 2014 Chevy Cruize!  Whoa!  So overwhelmed.  This is nothing like any area that I have ever served.  Everything is so different.  But changes are good.  I really feel like this area is going to prepare me to be a leader for future callings in my life.  It's awesome though because I have taken what I've learned from my other areas and I'll put it to good use!  I'm excited.  And so this stake only has 5 english speaking wards.  And so they split up the area.  We only have two wards and the Elders have 3 wards.  It's so crazy to be only working with 2 wards!  So my companion is Sister Quiles (pronouned key-less).  She is from New Jersey.  She has only been out for one transfer.  And she was called Spanish assignment, but this transfer is English.  So it's been good.  She's 19!  My first 19 year old comp!  She's really nice and really sweet.  It's just different teaching and training her the new things because we're working with the English wards.  This week we didn't have much to do.  Mostly contactly members, leadership, old investigators and current ones.  Trying to meet less actives and any one else that needs a hello from the sister missionaries.  In one ward we have an awesome ward mission leader.  The other ward doesn't even have a ward mission leader yet!  AH!!!  Not good!  But I guess we'll be doing a lot of the labor ourselves for a while.  We'll see what happens.  This is all really new for me.  It was a really stressful week.  But I'm learning.  This area has a lot of welfare and self-reliance needs.  And most of the leadership are all really young.  Which is like most of the rest of the world.....  I'm still getting lost all the time.  The grid thing is hard to get used to again.  I haven't had to do it since my first area!  So it was a while ago!  Hope you all are doing well.  Not much to report on for this week.  Hopefully more things will be happening!  Thanks for everything!  I know that the church is true!  That Heavenly Father knows who we are individually!  Always remember to pray to Him!  He loves all of us!
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Sister Marlow 

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