Thursday, July 4, 2013

Park City West

Hey Family!

It has been a crazy, but amazing week!  We found out Wednesday night about transfers.  I was transferred to the Park City West area with my new companion Sister Villoso.  She was already in the area for about 10 weeks.  So she already knows the area and she just finished her training.  She is from the Philippines!  So I'm helping her to learn English.  She is already really good at speaking English and she's done really well.  She just wants more help with grammar and vocabulary.  So I'm excited to help her with that and so is she!  She is SO SWEET and TINY!  She's 25 too!  So we have been having a lot of fun together already.  

Thursday we had a mission conference at the Jordan River Temple.  It was so amazing to be there all together at the temple.  I love going there.  I always feel happier than when I left.  It is such a peaceful feeling when I go to the temple.  It is such a beautiful place!  Then we had lunch at the Mission Office.  I got to say goodbye to a lot of my friends as well.  We had some speakers, but mostly President and Sister Miller.  They are such great people.  We are going to miss them so much!  Then before we sang the closing song, they were going to give out certificates to the missionaries that are going to the Utah Salt Lake City East mission.  The certificates were for how much they appreciate all of our work in the SLC South Mission.  So one by one they called us up.  It was so hard.  I was one of the last ones.  It was so sad!  I knew it was going to happen.  But I guess when the realization actually hit me, it was just hard.  It felt such a long way up to the front of the chapel to get my certificate.  Then we sang hymn #255 "Carry On!" and we all stood up for it.  I was getting choked up.  It was so hard to sing.  My heart was breaking!  It's just hard because here on a mission, missionaries become your family.  I'm having to leave my family again!  It just hurts!  But I was able to say goodbye to some of the Elders and Sisters that I've served with.  The mission boundaries will change starting June 27th.  

Friday was transfers and me and Sister Villoso having been having a blast together!  We taught this girl Bryanda on Saturday, and she is getting baptized on July 7th!  The Spirit was so strong when we were teaching her how the gospel, prayer and studying the scriptures and going to church will help her in her trials.  She didn't come to church yesterday.  But we are still going to try to help her work towards baptism.  Oh, and we taught Elders Quorum yesterday in church.  We were so intimidated!  I've never taught it before.  We taught about member missionary work.    

Sunday we had the broadcast "The Work of Salvation" and we watched it at the mission office all together as a mission for the last time with President and Sister Miller.  Wasn't the broadcast awesome!  A lot of the things that President Monson and the other apostles said were things that we taught in Elders Quorum.  It was crazy!  But what a great time to be serving a mission!  I am so grateful to the Lord for this opportunity!  And to be able to serve in two different missions.  I'll be part of the missionaries that first started in the SLC East Mission!  How cool is that?  

I studied this morning Helaman 13-14.  Helaman 13 tells of Samuel the Lamanite and when the people kicked him out of the city.  Then the Lord tells him to go back again.  But this time he went another way and got up on the wall and started preaching there.  And the Lord told him that He would put things into Samuel's heart on what he should say.  That's just awesome.  Sometimes it truly is hard to do certain things.  But the Lord will always help us to find a way to accomplish what tasks or commandments he has given to us 1 Nephi 3:7.  I know that to be true.  And that we just need to trust in the Lord.  I know for me that is a hard thing to do sometimes.  But I know that the Lord wouldn't have me be on a mission, or even to go to a new mission if He knew I couldn't do it.  Thanks for all that you guys do and thanks for all the prayers!  Love you SOSOSOSOSOSO Much!  Next week I'll be in the SLC East Mission!!!!


Sister Marlow

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